100 Days of Fasting – Day 37


Greetings, dear reader. Another week has gone by and let me tell you – it’s been hard! The cravings for foods I simply do not want to eat have been strong and the scale is not moving. I am just trying to take the number as data and not as a measure of self-worth, but I am curious as to why that number isn’t moving!

After the cheesy poof incident, I stuck with the plan. I kept working my system. That is a win! A couple days later, I was feeling some signs of depression for the first time in several months. I decided to ride the wave and was able to spend a day to myself tidying up, taking my spare change to a Coinstar so I could get myself an Amazon gift card to buy a new cookbook, trying new recipes and making a couple of YouTube videos. I posted one of them – check it out! It was a nice day.

The rest of the weekend was busy and contained mixed feelings. Now, I had been planning on having pizza at some point in October. I wasn’t sure when and I am really glad I waited to get it until I was actually craving it! Saturday was a busy day as usual and I didn’t really have enough food packed for the day. I was feeling a little… cautious about it. I knew I was avoiding some feelings. I was concerned that I would spiral. However, I just took a step back and really tried to acknowledge those feelings and separate them from the pizza. The pizza is just pizza. It’s not a life raft. It wasn’t a numbing agent. I didn’t say, “well I’m sad and upset so therefore I derserve to eat pizza.” I just ate and enjoyed the pizza. My stomach handled it just fine, but I did observe something quite interesting. Not the next day, but *two days* later, I noticed that my joints felt VERY inflamed. Especially my hands and wrists and fingers! I haven’t felt that in a long time. I know it’s hard to say, but I suspect that the pizza crust was the culprit. In somewhat related news, I suspect that dairy might be preventing that scale from moving… but I am going to have to do a more tailored experiment. I don’t have the time to think about that at the moment!

Right now, there’s a tub of cookies behind me at work. I am just…. so over it. I am not interested in these cookies AT ALL. But it’s challenging. When something is there, it’s really easy to eat it. They are taunting me. “Eat me. EAT ME.” Shut the eff up, cookie fools!

I am looking forward to the lunch I brought today. Sausage and broccoli, prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella, olives, mixed nuts, and pork rinds. That will keep those cookies away!

Thanks for reading, as always.

Take care and Practice Peaceful Thinking,



100 Days of Fasting – Day 28

2017-10-10 13.48.52
It was a cheesy poof kind of day.

It’s Day 28 and my intermittent fasting game is strong. But let me tell you, today has been a doozy. I have been having trouble getting paid from one of my jobs. I was in a big email exchange all morning and the person with whom I was interacting was just *not getting* what I was saying. I was intensely frustrated. That combined with a lack of patience (due to the arrival of my friend and yours, the Period) made for an irritating morning. And that upsets me even more because I pride myself in being patient. All this made me want to EAT! So let me tell you, when my alarm went off saying that my 16 hour fast had been completed, I dove right into some Cheetos cheesy poof things that were laying around the office. It’s probably the ultimate Frankenfood, but I don’t even feel bad. My eating window is open, I am letting myself have them, and I know I will get over it soon.

An old Juliana would have felt guilty about the cheesy poofs, and then she would have used her spare change to get chocolate bars from the vending machine, and then should would have stopped by McDonald’s on the way to job number two, and then should would have ordered a pizza when she got home late tonight, and then she would have eaten poorly the rest of the week because there was leftover pizza the next day, and then she would have eaten her way back to 366 pounds (my highest weight) before 2018 arrived. Exhausting, isn’t it?

But not today! Having the cheesy poofs is so mild in comparison to what the damage could be.

Since last checking in, I did another extended fast of almost 4 days this time! It was a great experience. I was empowered. I share more extensive details in my YouTube video. Take a look here! I can’t wait to plan for the next one. However, since I really should keep this 100 Days of Fasting experiment consistent, I will continue with Intermittent Fasting for a full 30 days before I try something else. That will take us to November 3rd.

In grocery news, there was a sale on grass fed beef at the grocery store the other day and I went NUTS and bought about 10 different cuts of meat. My social anxiety kicked up a notch when they weren’t ringing up correctly at the register, but another part of me was like, “You *will* sell this to me at the right price or I demand to speak to your manager!” Hahahaha – thankfully it didn’t get to that though and everything worked out just fine.

What have I been eating lately, you ask? Steak on salad, guacamole, handfuls of nuts, a yummy little mixture of almond butter and coconut oil at night (some times with a bit of cacao powder and stevia), dark chocolate squares with coconut oil, chicken thighs and cauliflower rice, pork rinds, a single serving of gelato with chocolate chips (not eating from the whole carton is big!), cucumber salad, sweet potatoes and butter, salmon steaks on salad, prosciutto wrapped around cheese, and more! Delicious, satisfying meals, all consumed within an 8-hour window or less.

I feel fabulous, friends. Oh, and I am down at least one size in pants! Let’s just get through this irritating day, huh? You all have a great one! I am going to finish my cheesy poofs.

Take care and Practice Peaceful Thinking,

100 Days of Fasting – Day 16



So my 100 Days of Fasting plan is already morphing and I am happy to say that I am rolling with it! Last Friday, was a stereotypical Intermittent Fasting day. I broke fast at 2pm with Applegate Farms deli turkey, mayo made with avocado oil, broccoli, and some flax crackers. I brought snacks with me while teaching (guac, prosciutto slices wrapped around a portion of mozzarella, mixed nuts), and had a nice big salad with Greek Dressing and a pork chop (lovingly made for me) for dinner.  However, I ended up eating some chocolate chip cookies socially (like drinking socially, lol) outside of my eating window. Part of me was discouraged, but the other part of me knew I would get right back on track. This new mentality is a big, frickin’ deal!

Saturday came and I ended up fasting throughout the whole day because I was just so busy, and more importantly, I wasn’t hungry! Watch some of the details on my YouTube Channel here! I can’t believe I am saying this, but because I listened to my body, I accidentally stumbled upon my first Extended Fast! I had a medium cold brew from Starbucks on Saturday, but other than that, I consumed water and Himalayan Pink Salt only (you use the salt to maintain your electrolyte levels). I felt amazing! I even went for a lovely walk with friends on Sunday. It was the most physical activity I had participated in in a long time. I felt like I had plenty of stamina and I wish I would have stayed out longer. The only things that started to bother me were my feet, but that is due to a chronic injury I have been trying to correct for quite some time now. It was so thrilling to be active again and to feel so great doing it!

About 2 or 3 times each day I would feel some intense gurgling in my stomach, but after drinking some water, the gurgles stopped and any hunger disappeared. I never felt uncomfortable. I never felt faint. I never felt dizzy or nauseated.

I ended up breaking the fast on Monday evening after 69 hours. I didn’t need to, but honestly, I have so much food in the house! I am eager to plan a longer fast, but it needs to coincide with a time when the pantry is empty. Hah! I must say, after doing some research, I did break the fast incorrectly. I should have had some lighter food to be kinder to my digestive system. I had a salad first but then I had a large portion of steak and some kale. The huge steak…. not a good idea. I experienced some intestinal distress that evening. However, things were back to normal the next day.

It looks like this 100 Days of Fasting is going to incorporate different styles of fasting a little earlier than I thought. I am on the first day of an extended fast and I plan to maintain this for as long as my body tells me it’s ok or Monday, whichever comes first (lol). It’s so interesting to be listening to my body and not be controlled by my cravings or my emotions!

Thank you all for following me on this adventure in weight loss. I hope you are doing well, dear reader.

Take care and Practice Peaceful Thinking,


100 Days of Fasting – Day 8

Photo Credit: itExotik via Deviant Art

Greetings, friends! I hope you are well. Time is just flying by and my Intermittent Fasting is going strong. One of the biggest things that attracts me to this way of eating is that it fits into my busy schedule quite effortlessly (except for Tuesdays. I’m sure I will talk about that later). I like to roll out of bed and be out the door. Not having to worry about waking up a little early for breakfast is incredibly liberating! I have been opening my window between 2:30 and 4pm. On days when I am out of the house, I only have to pack one meal. In the past, I would have to pack multiple meals and snacks to get me through the day. Those things add up and my lunch bag was really heavy (although there’s nothing wrong with building muscle, lol). On days when I am at home, I eat huge salads with bacon or salmon and enjoy almond butter right out of the far. Yummmmm. Like, look at this salad. Just *look* at it!

Bacon Salad
Bacon over fresh greens with Green Goddess dressing from Primal Kitchen and a small sweet potato with a nice pat o’ butter. I was simply delighted with this meal! 

The best part about opening my eating window late in the day shows itself on Saturdays. I work on Saturdays from 9am to 4:30pm and rarely get a break! I no longer have to feel guilty about skipping breakfast and I don’t have to rudely sneak in some bites of food between students. Honestly, on Saturdays when I am fasting I feel very energized and I am able to do more with my students and engage them in different ways. This is very exciting for me!

“Ok, Juliana, we’re glad your feeling great, but what the heck is Intermittent Fasting?”

Ah hah, yes. Ok, so. Intermittent Fasting is when you only eat within a certain time period. The rest of the time, you are not eating. Plain and simple. This is a tool that has helped people lose weight because they are able to access their body fat more efficiently. I plan on writing more about this soon.

This first portion of my 100 days is incorporating the 16:8 method. I fast for 16 hours a day (at least half of those hours are spent sleeping and I keep myself really busy during the other half) and I have the opportunity to eat 8 hours a day. Please note, I am not eating the *entire* 8 hours, though I suppose I could! Some days, because of my schedule, I may fast a little bit longer and my window will be a little smaller, and that’s ok.

I would say during that window, 90% of my food is nutrient dense, satisfying and full of flavor. I am consuming a lot of healthy fats (like avocado, olive oil, and butter) and veggies (covered in fat). I am trying to consume protein in moderation. This is actually pretty hard for me. I am an old Atkins “success” story and while the program really wasn’t about eating all the meat on the planet, it still was a lot, a lot, a lot of protein. I try to stay away from all grains (except the occasional emotion muffin – watch my YouTube video here). The other 10% of my food is sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, and full-fat dairy (not necessarily all together, but maybe…?). Nom, nom, nom.

THE BEST PART OF ALL THIS IS THAT I AM NOT COUNTING CALORIES. No calories. No points. No macros. I eat until I am satisfied. This… this is liberating. As a food and sugar addict, this is the best news I have ever heard. And so far, it has been sustainable.

Here are some great resources I would like to share with you:

Author and Intermittent Faster Gin Stephens wrote Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle. Her book summarizes all types of approaches to fasting and talks about her own success story. She never denies herself during her eating window and she has overcome many health struggles using Intermittent Fasting. Here is her website – http://www.ginstephens.com. There you can also find your way to Amazon to purchase the book if you are interested.

This is a great website if you would like to learn more about a Low-Carb, High-Fat (LCHF) diet. We are going against conventional wisdom here, folks. And it’s amazing – https://www.dietdoctor.com. Here you will find out why it’s beneficial and some fantastic recipes. It’s all free!

Here are some stats starting a Day 3. I look forward to seeing the outcome after 100 Days!

Weight – 341 (I am 25 pounds down from my highest weight!)
Right Arm – 22″
Right Leg – 34″
Hip – 62ish” (the measuring tape wasn’t long enough… -________- )
Waist – 48″
Bust – 55″
Underbust (is that a thing? Lol…) – 49″

Oh boy – It sure is hard to see these numbers and not tell myself I’m an awful, lazy, disgusting person. HOWEVER, that’s not fair, and frankly, it’s not true. LIES will not be tolerated here!

As always, thanks for reading! I hope to update in another week or so.

Take care and Practice Peaceful Thinking,

100 Days of Fasting – The Beginning

Day 1

Are blogs still popular? I hope so… I mean, I guess it doesn’t matter but still…

Greetings, citizens of the multi-verse. I have decided to dust off this old virtual diary because I (yet again) am inspired to pursue another life-altering endeavor to get a handle on my health and take control of my life. There is so much to talk about and I look for to taking the time and creative energy needed to reflect on my life over the past 4 years.

But today, at 1:21AM on a Wednesday Thursday, I am deciding to write about my plan which I will call “100 Days of Fasting.”

I have always been searching for something. I am not quite sure what I am looking for and I am not sure if I will ever find it. My health, specifically my weight, has experienced ups and downs over these 4 years. My moods and my struggles with anxiety and depression have been riding that roller coaster as well. In my recent search for an answer, I have stumbled upon the use of fasting to lose weight and regulate hormones. I have tested Intermittent Fasting over the past couple of weeks and I have to say, it’s changing my life and the way I look at food. I want to use this blog to hold myself accountable and perhaps to be a resource to others as they try find what they are looking for.

Stage 1 of this 100 days will look like this:

I will follow an intermittent fasting approach to fasting using a “window” method. I want to have a clean fast (water, black coffee, plain tea only) for at least 16 hours a day.

My eating window will be anywhere from 5 to 8 hours long.

During my eating window. I desire to eat as many whole, nutritious foods as possible. I would like to consume no added sugar, very little dairy, no grains, and no white potatoes. I have found excellent health benefits when I refrain from eating those foods. However, I will acknowledge that I am human and life happens and that if I do consume those foods, I am not a bad person and I do not have to start everything over again.

I plan to write about my experiences and results as well why fasting is so awesome in the first place.

Stage 1 will end on Saturday, October 14th, 2017.

Well, that’s all I can think of to say right now. I can’t wait to post updates and get my creative juices flowing again.

Practice Peaceful Thinking, dear ones.


I left my heart in San Francisco? – A flying experience

Followers, Friends,

I plan on writing more about my trip to see David soon, but I thought I would share my flight experience so we never have to talk about it again.

It’s long. It’s fun. Enjoy.


To Whom in May Concern:

I am writing to share my experience flying from Baltimore, MD to San Francisco, CA. I apologize I was not able to register my complaint sooner. I wanted to enjoy my traveling and I am only now able to sit and process that which was my first negative and extremely frustrating travel experience.

I was traveling from Baltimore, MD with a final destination of Monterey, CA.
Just before boarding, a United employee addressed everyone and told us that the flight was over-booked. She was looking for 14 volunteers to take the next flight to San Francisco, CA. She was offering $400 travel vouchers. It was a tempting offer, but I had a connecting flight. Had I been able to predict the future, I would have realized that I should have taken the offer…

As I boarded the plane, I received a voicemail from United stating that my flight would be making an unscheduled stop in Denver. This was very confusing because no one had told us yet. I asked a flight attendant to confirm, but she said all details would be told to us later. Once everyone had boarded, we were told that because the aircraft was too heavy (being overbooked and carrying everyone’s luggage), we would have to remove fuel from our plane and make a stop in Denver in order to get the remaining fuel needed to get to San Francsico. I would like to say at NO POINT were we EVER told that this delay was because of weather or because it was specifically advised by ATC. I repeat, AT NO POINT WERE WE EVER TOLD THAT THE DELAY WAS BECAUSE OF WEATHER. We were never informed that were any storms, we were never told to be prepared for turbulence. The crew informed us that if we had a connecting flight, there would be a customer service representative coming aboard to talk to us about further arrangements. After several minutes, people with connecting flights were then asked to de-board the plane in order to speak to a representative. Upon arriving at the desk, there were several people waiting, and the representative seemed concerned that we were de-boarding without another agent at the kiosk to check our boarding passes. It was great that she was being mindful of security, but this was evidence of miscommunication amongst your staff because she did not expect passengers to be de-boarding the plane. Once it was my turn, I told the representative that I would most likely be missing my connecting flight in San Francisco. She acknowledged this and said that if that happens, A HOTEL WOULD BE PROVIDED FOR ME, since my flight was the last one out of San Fran to Monterey. She booked me for the first flight out of San Francisco the next morning which would depart at 8am. I WATCHED THE REPRESENTATIVE TYPE A NOTE INTO MY FILE THAT SAID SHE WAS RECOMMENDING THAT I STAY IN A HOTEL BECAUSE OF THE UNSCHEDULED DELAY. I am praying that you all are able to see that in my customer record. I should have asked for the representative’s name and I should have asked for a print out of the request, but alas, I did not.

Finally (after being delayed for over an hour because we were waiting for the pilots to receive a new itinerary and because we were making sure that all individuals with connecting flights were able to make future plans), we were Denver bound. Overall, the flight was very pleasant especially as we approached San Francisco. Finding help after we landed was slightly difficult. At this point, I would like to say that I respect the fact that for your company and your employees, and even for many other passengers, flying is just a routine thing. However, you also need to realize that many of your customers do not fly very often. I felt that in order to receive help and in order to figure out what was going on and what to do next, I really had to go out of my way. I almost had that sense that I was bothering your employees. I feel like no one was going above and beyond their duty, which I think is necessary in your line of business. But I digress…

I arrived at the customer service desk at midnight (3am for me) and when it was my turn to speak to a customer service representative I found myself speaking to a basically pleasant young lady. She said she would help me out, but was very quiet for quite some time. After a long period of silence, I asked what she was doing. She told me that I had already been booked for an 8am flight out of Monterey, CA and that she was ensuring that my luggage would arrive at the right place at the right time. Great. Meanwhile, I was overhearing the conversations representatives were having with other passengers on my flight. Things were not looking good. Tensions were high and morale was low. I realized that they were telling passengers that the flight was delayed because of ATC and that no accommodations were being made. I did not know what ATC meant at the time. When I asked my representative if she was overhearing this, she said that she was not. I asked her what ATC was and she said Air Traffic Control, meaning that the flight was delayed because of weather.

My heart dropped. That is not what they told us on the plane, and it did not matter how many times I said that, because, it’s not what the computer said.

I hate complaining. I am not a complainer. This is the first type of this type of letter I have ever written in my life. I work in customer service. I have a very similar job to your counter employees. I know first hand what it is like to speak with disgruntled individuals. However, there was no humanity here. Your ticket agents and even your supervisors were not listening to what I said. They were constantly referring to what the computer was telling them which was contrary to my experience. It was intensely frustrating; and more so, discouraging. I acknowledge the fact that they can only do so much, which is why they referred me to this website and which is why I am writing my letter.

After realizing that I was going to have to spend the night in the airport, I asked if there was anything else she could do. She said she thought she had a blanket. I stared at her blankly. I took the blanket.

I found a spot by an outlet and made a call home. I was explaining all that had happened to my family when a passenger from my flight (who had actually been standing next to me when I was talking to my representative) got my attention and told me that HE RECEIVED A TRAVEL VOUCHER. He said you just have to push and talk to the right people. When the gentlemen told me this, I finally became enraged. I got my things together, went back to the desk, waited in line and asked to speak to a supervisor. Remembering that this job is challenging (see above), I thanked everyone in advance for their help but told him I came back because someone from my flight told me a voucher had been given because of the situation. HE DENIED THAT THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED BECAUSE THE COMPUTER SAID THE DELAY WAS BECAUSE OF WEATHER. I tried to get him to acknowledge the fact that we were never told about a weather delay, but he said nothing to confirm nor empathize. He referred to that computer again and again. You have your employees trained well.

I left the counter again. At least I wasn’t empty handed – I was handed a toiletry kit and there was a cart of beverages available. Nice touch, thank you. But still… I realize I wasn’t the first person to stay overnight in an airport overnight unexpectedly, nor will I be the last. However, the point is that the experience is frustrating and uncomfortable and those feeling needs to be acknowledged. Employees should realize that an, “I’m sorry” and a mini tube of toothpaste is not going to be enough to pacify the moans of the jet-lagged. Bottom line, another passenger was treated differently than I was and was compensated for the inconvenience. I would like to be extended the same courtesy.

To add insult to injury, my morning flight was delayed by almost an hour and a half and my flights back to Baltimore were cancelled. Twice. Those were definitely weather related delays, but let me just say – when someone has bad luck flying they really shouldn’t count on anything else going well for them. I shall now state this as Fact.

In the grand scheme of things, I may not be important. I am just one passenger who took one flight; one of hundreds that day and thousands each year. My fiancée is in the military. We are currently separated and we plan on making trips to see each other often. Our future holds many opportunities for travel and I was looking forward to the possibility of United being a part of that. After this experience, and after talking to friends and colleagues who have not had positive experiences with your airline, I am hesitant to do so, especially if no compensation comes from this correspondence.

I expect that you will do what is necessary to assure my future business.

Disgruntled and Discouraged,


Live Music Lives

We were so close!
We were so close!

Just like in theatre and recital settings, the whole point of live music is to share the experience with others. It is wonderful to see how other people react to the performance and how they feed off of the energy exploding from the stage. It is realizing that others actually are affected by the art in the same way you are. I am someone who craves sharing things I love with other people. I enjoy sitting someone down saying, “Listen to this! Did you hear that? And that? And look at that? Isn’t that cool?” :: cue insane, exuberant giggling :: Furthermore, as an artist myself, there is something even more alluring here. These music makers get to see the effects of their music first hand. They can see how they are impacting their world. That feeling has to be incredibly satisfying. One of the reasons why an artist is called to create and share their work in the first place is to get recognition. Artists are so vulnerable. They are putting their souls, their life force, into their work for others to see. For me, that thought can be terrifying! However, seeing groups do this live consistently, is making me realize that the work can be well received; you can be loved. Yeah sure, there’s criticism, but there can be just as much acceptance and that must make it all worth it.

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing Fitz and the Tantrums play at the Rams Head Live in Baltimore City. I had never been there before. It was a very intimate venue. I thought it was fantastic! It was easy to get there and there were lots of bars for the drinking types. There were even screens around the bars with a display of the concert so you don’t miss anything. Anyways, there were two opening acts that were actually quite good – Ivy Levan and Saints of Valory. Ivy was fantastic. They had an interesting way of portraying themselves – All the men remained anonymous by wearing ski masks and Ivy came out looking bad-ass fabulous with red lipstick and a mountain of hair. She had a very “don’t give a s***” attitude. It was a fun set! I should have gotten her CD… Saints of Valory’s set got better as it went along. The lead singer was also the bass player (yay Paul McCartney tradition!). I know I am being snarky but I could have sworn one of his strings was consistently out of tune and it was driving me nuts… They have just released an EP and I am sure I will hear them on my favorite local radio station (WTMD) soon.

Then, the main event! Fitz and the Tantrums took the stage and thus began the non-stop, soul-lifting, wonderfully singable, energy-filled, brilliantly-constructed, something much more than music for an hour-and-a-half. They played everything I wanted, including two of my absolute favorites during their encore (L.O.V. from their first album, Pickin’ Up the Pieces and The Walker from their newest release, More Than Just a Dream). The chemistry between each of the band members was absolutely electric. Noelle Scaggs *played* that tambourine and sang with such soul that was inspiring and with a technique that was healthy and not distracting (sorry, voice teacher moment). They must have so much endurance to be able to keep the crowd going for as long as they did – how do they do that? They are unapologetic about their music and who they are. What a lesson to learn! Why do I like them you ask? They have created a distinctive sound paying homage to the age of original Rock n’ Roll. Guitar is rarely featured making room for unique instrumentation such as a variety of woodwinds. Chord progressions are often unique and many times their songs tell stories and not just elaborate on a single sentiment.

Towards the end, lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick was so impressed and humbled by the crowd’s reaction. We were roaring for more. He mentioned that he wanted to make sure that they got back to Baltimore soon and thanked us for our support. I really think he was actually overwhelmed by our enthusiasm; his face was so sincere and his eyes were welling up with emotion.

Now THAT must be *the* moment…

That moment when you realize that you are doing the right thing; that all your hard work is paying off. The moment when what you are doing is being validated. What a thrilling thing to have felt at that time! Looking out to see hundreds of people that love what you do and cherish what you have made. I was actually honored to witness that moment. I keep fixating on it in my mind. I am remembering when I have had those moments and I am glad to say that I am blessed to have had them. Now, I just want more and I want to work harder to get them.

What I am excited for here is that the mass American public could be exposed to quality music. Not some stock words with stock progressions created in a studio for the sole purpose of selling records. That process… *disgusts* me. I want music to *say* something. I want people to actually *think* about what they are listening to.

I want music to save the world.

Now, for the socially anxious (which a dominant part of my personality tends to be), attending live music can be troublesome. Yeah, there are (annoying) drunk people. Yeah, you might spill your own full cup of beer over lots of people including yourself after awkwardly, though successfully, carrying it through a sea of people. Yeah, there are people right next to you taking hits off of a stealthy marijuana pipe (naughty boy). However, I am absolutely confident in the fact that I will always make sure that I support live music. I know there are more bands out there just like FATT who dare to sound different and create authentic performances. I look forward to finding them.

See you at the next concert!

They are just wailin'!
They are just wailin’!
Michael Fitz!
Michael Fitzpatrick!
Photo opp! I have never been this close to any celebrity before...
Photo opp! I have never been this close to any celebrity before…
My first autographs! I will cherish this forever. Oh, and I may have new hobby...
My first autographs! I will cherish this forever.
Oh, and I may have new hobby…